About Us

Hello Beauty!

Our Foundress always had a love for clothes that hug her figure, she had a huge aversion to pieces that hid her curves and made her figure disappear, she also hated the fact that she had to dig so long before she could find an outfit the right size, for example, she would buy from websites and have to trade a lot before she could find her size, that's how much she loves `` a perfect fit ''

So she made it a priority for customers to ask what size models wear, customers wear, etc.

There was also no company to his knowledge that sold products specifically of his style. then she realized that there was a gap in the market.

'Beyashop' was then created in August 2019, a place where our products are specially designed to make you beautiful and feminine!

We will continue to supply our #BEYA SHOP with garments made from GOOD QUALITY and stretch material giving you the PERFECT fit you've always wanted